What I Wore to Church: Sunday July 27th!


If you’ve ever looked around the blog networks typically you’ll see a ‘What I Wore’ segment on most beauty blogs. For me being a woman I really enjoy looking at these! They feed my inner desire to attempt to be fashionable, haha! But I like looking at them so much that I figured I’d start my own ‘What I Wore’ but do a sunday edition!

So here it is: What I Wore to Church!

I think there’s a problem in most parishes that people don’t know how to properly dress to go to mass. Especially in the summer, with the heat and all, people begin to either become skimpier with their clothing or they don’t dress up at all. Personally, I believe that when you go to the Lord’s house you should be properly dressed. Do you need to go all out? No. But should you be covered? Yes. I like I think of it as putting on your best, clean clothes. Don’t look like a pile of rags and don’t look like you’re going to work out if you don’t have to!

This is what I wore to my 6 o’clock mass.
image (7)

I don’t typically wear skirts. Pants are usually my friends but I decided to switch it up today! My inspiration came from Pinterest (obviously!)

190271858c9cb3cd833ad0a9578e0199 2bdf228c3880a5e46d1835904004c9f2

Here are the details about my clothes:
Shirt: Thrifted denim shirt with the sleeves rolled up, $3
Skirt: Purchased from Family Dollar, $11
Shoes: Payless brand, $10?
Belt: Deb, came from one of my other dresses
Jewelry: Saint Anne medal, gifted from the boyfriend 🙂

How do you think people should dress to go to church? Do you think some people show too much skin? Should churches tell their congregation about how to dress? Let me know!

Til then. God bless!

– Carleigh


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