Curse of a lukewarm Catholic.


I think the sin I grapple with the most is being lukewarm.
I’m pleased to know it’s nothing to deal with sexuality…but a sin is a sin regardless.

I have been lukewarm ever since I was first introduced to the concept of God. Even when I was a self-proclaimed unbaptized protestant I was lukewarm. I would believe and be passionate about God for about 3 months and then that desire would suddenly fall off the face of the earth.

It’s terrible.

But first of all, what is a lukewarm Catholic?

They go the church out of habit and don’t understand why.
They typically don’t pray (guilty!)
They don’t see a problem with missing mass.
Don’t stick up for their faith when confronted.
They mortally sin, or have no clue what a mortal is actually is.
Usually have beliefs that flow alongside with the world and not what the Church teaches.

I, personally, am terrible when it comes to daily prayer. It’s something I just typically don’t think about from my day to day. When I do realize I haven’t hardly prayed I feel terrible because I know I’ve neglected the Lord! Prayer is the only way to become closer to God, if that is what you desire. Going to mass is what is going to kick start that fire.
Often I pray to God to set me ablaze with passion so that my flame can kickstart others as well.

“I know your works: you are neither cold nor hot. Would that you were cold or hot! So, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew you out of my mouth.” – Revelation 3:15 

Yep. It’s not a good thing. Nobody wants to be ‘spewed’ from anything.

So if you’re reading this and having the same problem; it’s a sign! It’s a sign to get up and off your computer and say a quick prayer. Jesus loves ANY kind of prayer because he desires to deeply to talk to you. He wants to be connected to you in all ways. And if you worry that you’ll never get out of this funk; don’t worry. Whatever you ask God with good intention you’ll receive in a way that God has planned for you! Go to adoration if you can. I swear you won’t forget it!

Til then. God bless!

– Carleigh


Finding perfection


Today I found this lovely post written by Christian Mihai here on WordPress. It touched my heart, and I hope it touches yours as well! God bless!

Catholic Memes Thursday!


Hello hello! Hope everyone is doing splendid on this Thursday night!
I thought it’d be fun to post up some Catholic memes for you guys so you could have a chuckle. Everyone needs a good laugh before the weekend starts, right?!

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"Do not reprove a scoffer, or he will hate you, Reprove a wise man and he will love you."

“Do not reprove a scoffer, or he will hate you,
Reprove a wise man and he will love you.”



This one made me laugh SO hard!

This one made me laugh SO hard!

Til then! God bless!

– Carleigh

Target’s new commercial: Lesbians having a baby?


I was roaming YouTube today and was about to watch a video when a commercial for Target popped up before the actual video. It stirred me up enough to instantly want to sit down and type up a response because EVERYTHING about this commercial contradicts itself.

First of all, as Catholics, of course we don’t agree with homosexuality. But I’m sure that’s obvious to even non-Catholics. There are many reasons why (biblical and biologically). However, there are so many aspects wrong about this advertisement and it saddens me deeply.

Two women attempting to proclaim that they are going to have a child is foolish. It is not biologically possible for two women to create a human being; even 6th grade sciences tells us that it takes the egg of a woman and they sperm of a man to create a human being. This is a fundamental truth. Thus because of this truth they cannot both be the child’s parents, only one. I believe this is common sense kind of knowledge.
The advertisement goes on to say “I hope the baby has Cat’s talent” while the other woman says “I hope it has her quick wit”. These lines are honestly was got me fired up in the first place. There is no possible way for that child to be like the non-biological mother because it doesn’t possess any of her DNA. Again, common sense.

As the commercial continues the ‘couple’ states that they wish to share their love of science for their baby because ‘there is so much reality that is amazing and awe-inspiring”. They also wanted their child to know “that anything is possible and that’s theres nothing wrong with and everything right with pursuing knowledge and learning about the world”.

Well, what isn’t possible is two people of the same sex having a baby. And they’re right, there is nothing wrong with pursuing knowledge. What knowledge and science will tell their child, if they looking up their facts correctly, is that being homosexual has negative health effects. Homosexuals are at the highest risk for sexually transmitted diseases. There is instability and promiscuity among homosexuals because there is no actual bond happening during their forms of sex. Homosexual pleasure is purely self pleasure, because their no way to actually united themselves. If you want to read more on the negative health effects of homosexuality here’s a very informative article from the Center for Marriage and Family Studies.

Man and woman have a way of bonding themselves and having fruit come from their love. A child is born through their intercourse. But what comes forth from the love of a two same sexed individuals? Nothing.

I have nothing against those who are attracted to the same sex. It breaks my heart to see people who don’t understand why acting sexually upon those desires has a negative side effect. So many diseases have came forth from these choices and has negatively impacted the world. It was one thing to be homosexual, but it another to act upon it. Heterosexuals are same way because they are not to have pre-marital sex and use one another’s bodies for their own pleasure either. The two do not have a ton of differences. It is not the sinner that Catholics try to goes against, it is their sins.

These woman obviously have not looked very deeply into science. Their actions and words deeply contradict themselves on so many levels. As a Catholic we can’t just simply sit back and let people believe that this kind of advertisement speaks the truth. The child being born should have both a mother and father to raise it.

Do you want more proof? Here are some other articles touching on the issue of homosexuality.

Why Homosexuality is not like other sins
Is This Loves? Surrogates, Same-sex couples, and motherless babies
How can the Church say homosexuality is unnatural when many animals exhibit homosexual instincts?
Did Christianity gives us Gay Marriage?

I know for some that homosexuality can be a touchy issue. The culture screams in our faces constantly that we are to be ‘accepting’ of their sexual preference and that if we are not that we are ‘discriminating’ them. These statements are not true in any way, shape, or form. There is proof that the lifestyle is non-beneficial. Whether or not others will see it is only up to God.

If you guys have any questions or maybe some discussion, I am open ears! I’d love to see your input on this topic!

EDIT 10/10/14
I believe I’ve found a video that perfectly represents the Catholic teaching on this issue. Watch it if you please! But I won’t be responding to any more comments on this post, mainly because this video explains it all. Also I’m a little tired of being attacked for a standpoint on an issue like this yet being told to accept their standpoint. I will delete any comments that I see as disrespecting (such as personally addressing me in the particular issue when I’m not the topic being discussed). Agree or don’t agree, it’s up to you! It doesn’t change the facts.

Til then. God bless!

– Carleigh

Face of the Day! : Tuesday, October 7th


Hi guys!
I figured while in-between writing up my posts I’d put up a quick little blog snippet for the make-up lovers. I really like seeing ‘Face of the Day’ posts for different looks to inspire me from day to day. If you haven’t seen EmilyNoel83 on YouTube I recommend her! She’s your average make-up with a extensive collection and has such a great, trusted opinion! Here is her blog called Beauty Broadcast.

Being a little bit of a copy-cat, here’s the face I made up today!

So let’s start from the beginning…
The Face
Primer: Revlon Photoready primer
Foundation: Revlon Colorstay Whipped foundation in Buff (applied with Elf Studio Stipple brush)
Concealer: Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser in Fair (I believe?). Used NYC Transparent Face powder to set under eyes.
Powder: Organics Face Powder & Rimmel Stay Matte powder
Blush: Elf Baked blush in Wild Rose
Bronzer: Elf Healthy Glow Powder in Sunkissed

The Eyes
Eyebrows: Nyx Eyebrow Cake powder in Blonde with Maybelline Great Lash clear gel on top
Eye Primer: Wet ‘n Wild Fergie Take on the Day eyeshadow primer
Eyeshadow: (Inner) Wet n’ Wild Creme Brulee (Outer) L.A Colors…some tan shade. Descriptive, I know haha!
Liner: Jordana Fabuliner in black
Mascara: Maybelline Great Lash Lot’s O’ Lashes in brownish black.

Lips: Covergirl Outlast All day lipcolor in 507

I never realized how much I put on my face til I had to type it all out. Wow!

I had been wanting to wear a bolder lip since fall in officially in season! The cooler weather is helping my make-up stay on much better and I just feel far more inspired to try new make-up that makes me go out of my comfort zone. I had several compliments on my red lips today, so I must’ve made a good choice! However I only wore it for about 8 hours before I really felt the need to take it off…which was a hassle.

So, I hope you guys liked this mini post! Let me know if you want to keep seeing posts like this, or share anything that is on your minds!

Til then. God bless!

– Carleigh

Ipsy Bag Review! September 2014.


Hello all! Happy October!
October is my favorite month of alllll time! Such wonderful things happen in my life in the month of October for some reason. My grandparents and parents anniversary is also in October. Love seems to spring forth in October, haha. 🙂

Today on my blog I’ve got an ipsy bag review! If you don’t know what Ipsy is, it is a subscription service that sends you a variety of sample-size (or sometimes deluxe sample size or even full sized) products for you to try out! It is mainly a make-up/hair/skin product service. It’s only $10 a month and you receive up to 5 different products and a cute little make-up bag!

You also can review your products on the ipsy website and obtain points! When you share facebook posts or tweet to your twitter account you can obtain points that way as well. After racking up so many points (usually a 1000) you can redeem a free product that will be included in your next bag!

This is the 2nd month I’ve gotten a bag and I really love it. I get so excited when I see my ipsy package in my mailbox. Here’s the website if you want to check it out or subscribe:

So onto the goodies!
This month’s theme was Street Style. The bag is a grey metallic make up bag with sliver studs at the top by the zipper. Extremely cute. I have yet to find a use for it though, so it’s been sitting in the desk drawer.

IMG_0763Included in this bag issss
Caviar CC Cream 10 in 1 complete correction
Cailyn Art Touch tinted lip gloss
Infinity Shadow/Crease Duet brush from Crown brush
Pacifica natural minerals eyeliner pencil in gun metal
Nyx single eyeshadow in Chandelier Lustre

Let’s go on down the line.
The Caviar CC Cream is a hair cream that you run through your hair after a shower. It has a decent smell but after using it I don’t notice anything in particular about it. My hair is short, so it doesn’t take much product to cover my hair. It does make your hair shiny and gives it a bit of a softer feel. The original size is 2.5 fl oz and retails at Sephora for $25. This sample size is .85 fl oz.

The Cailyn Art Touch tint lip gloss is a full size in the ipsy bag! I’m pretty sure the shade is Basic Instinct and it’s a nice coral shade. I really like this gloss! It’s a little sticky, but when it dries it has a bit of a matte finish to it. The shade compliments my skin tone. The the Cailyn website this lipgloss retails for $19.

The Infinity Shadow/Crease duet brush from Crown brush was an interesting and unexpected find in my bag. At first I wasn’t too excited about it but the more I use it the more I am impressed with it! It picks up shadow very well and I’m learning how the use the smudge part of the brush for my crease. The only problem I have with it is storing it since I like the keep my brushes upright. This brush retails for $6.99!

The Pacifica natural mineral eyeliner pencil is probably my least favorite product out of everything. I don’t find the color to be realistic for me since I don’t use unusual liner colors on my eyes. Plus I’ve never been a fan of eyeliner pencils because they feel too rough for my liking. I may decide to give this to a friend or try out or something because I just simply won’t use this. The full size of this retails for $11.

And last but not least I have the Nyx eyeshadow single in Chandelier! This is a cool, frosty beige color and is extremely shimmery. I was pretty excited to receive this single because I’d been wanting to try a Nyx eyeshadow for quite some time now! I wish I had gotten a more pigmented color, but I love using this in the inner part of my eyeshadow looks. The texture is very soft and overall is easy to work with and blend! They sell for $4.50 each.

As you can tell I definitely got my money’s worth out of this bag- and all for $10! I’m excited for my next bag coming up in October! If you guys have any questions, just wanna chat, or need a prayer request just leave a comment! I have some more blog posts in the works, like a September Thrift Haul, September favorites, and a Catholic post on the Beauty of Singleness that I’m excited to type up and share with you guys!

Til then. God bless!

– Carleigh