NYC Expert Last Lipstick: Coralista


WARNING: This blog post is definitely not Catholic related today! Haha! Sorry guys. But I do have some other Catholic centered blog posts ideas swirling around in my head, so don’t worry. 🙂

I really love reviewing products. I’m one of those people who won’t buy something unless I see that the product works for other people (for the most part). I tend to do a lot of research on the product before I buy it. Or I’ll buy something to try it out at the right price… a.k.a cheap, haha!

Today I have a little review on the NYC Expert Last Lipstick in the shade Coralista. I purchase this from my local WalMart for a $1.96 simply because I wanted to try a coral colored lip color. 
image (9)

 This lipstick has pretty good coverage. Do they stick to your lips? Yes. But they also rub off on anything and everything you eat as well. The color is nice, bright and bold, and it doesn’t take much to get full coverage! I noticed this coral went more towards the orangey side, but it wasn’t obnoxious in my opinion. It doesn’t dry out your lips.

Will it last 6 hours? No, probably not. I had to reapply some to get the bold color back after about 3 hours of wear. 

image (8)

This formula is a little bit creamier than most, which I’m going to assume is why they don’t dry out your lips too quickly. There is little to no shimmer in this color. The packaging is a little cheap. My particular lipstick has cuts in the stick of the product so I’m sometimes scared it’s going to fall out! But this isn’t the first time I’ve noticed that NYC has kind of…underrated packaging (my NYC concealer stick is the same way).

Overall, for under $2 I would say they’re decent! If you’re wanting to expand your horizons with lipstick shades to see what really works for you this would be a good brand to try that since NYC has a large selection of colors to choose from. 

What kind of lipsticks would you recommend to beginners who are experimenting with color? What’s your favorite drugstore brand of lip stick? Let me know in the comments! 

God bless!

– Carleigh