Target’s new commercial: Lesbians having a baby?


I was roaming YouTube today and was about to watch a video when a commercial for Target popped up before the actual video. It stirred me up enough to instantly want to sit down and type up a response because EVERYTHING about this commercial contradicts itself.

First of all, as Catholics, of course we don’t agree with homosexuality. But I’m sure that’s obvious to even non-Catholics. There are many reasons why (biblical and biologically). However, there are so many aspects wrong about this advertisement and it saddens me deeply.

Two women attempting to proclaim that they are going to have a child is foolish. It is not biologically possible for two women to create a human being; even 6th grade sciences tells us that it takes the egg of a woman and they sperm of a man to create a human being. This is a fundamental truth. Thus because of this truth they cannot both be the child’s parents, only one. I believe this is common sense kind of knowledge.
The advertisement goes on to say “I hope the baby has Cat’s talent” while the other woman says “I hope it has her quick wit”. These lines are honestly was got me fired up in the first place. There is no possible way for that child to be like the non-biological mother because it doesn’t possess any of her DNA. Again, common sense.

As the commercial continues the ‘couple’ states that they wish to share their love of science for their baby because ‘there is so much reality that is amazing and awe-inspiring”. They also wanted their child to know “that anything is possible and that’s theres nothing wrong with and everything right with pursuing knowledge and learning about the world”.

Well, what isn’t possible is two people of the same sex having a baby. And they’re right, there is nothing wrong with pursuing knowledge. What knowledge and science will tell their child, if they looking up their facts correctly, is that being homosexual has negative health effects. Homosexuals are at the highest risk for sexually transmitted diseases. There is instability and promiscuity among homosexuals because there is no actual bond happening during their forms of sex. Homosexual pleasure is purely self pleasure, because their no way to actually united themselves. If you want to read more on the negative health effects of homosexuality here’s a very informative article from the Center for Marriage and Family Studies.

Man and woman have a way of bonding themselves and having fruit come from their love. A child is born through their intercourse. But what comes forth from the love of a two same sexed individuals? Nothing.

I have nothing against those who are attracted to the same sex. It breaks my heart to see people who don’t understand why acting sexually upon those desires has a negative side effect. So many diseases have came forth from these choices and has negatively impacted the world. It was one thing to be homosexual, but it another to act upon it. Heterosexuals are same way because they are not to have pre-marital sex and use one another’s bodies for their own pleasure either. The two do not have a ton of differences. It is not the sinner that Catholics try to goes against, it is their sins.

These woman obviously have not looked very deeply into science. Their actions and words deeply contradict themselves on so many levels. As a Catholic we can’t just simply sit back and let people believe that this kind of advertisement speaks the truth. The child being born should have both a mother and father to raise it.

Do you want more proof? Here are some other articles touching on the issue of homosexuality.

Why Homosexuality is not like other sins
Is This Loves? Surrogates, Same-sex couples, and motherless babies
How can the Church say homosexuality is unnatural when many animals exhibit homosexual instincts?
Did Christianity gives us Gay Marriage?

I know for some that homosexuality can be a touchy issue. The culture screams in our faces constantly that we are to be ‘accepting’ of their sexual preference and that if we are not that we are ‘discriminating’ them. These statements are not true in any way, shape, or form. There is proof that the lifestyle is non-beneficial. Whether or not others will see it is only up to God.

If you guys have any questions or maybe some discussion, I am open ears! I’d love to see your input on this topic!

EDIT 10/10/14
I believe I’ve found a video that perfectly represents the Catholic teaching on this issue. Watch it if you please! But I won’t be responding to any more comments on this post, mainly because this video explains it all. Also I’m a little tired of being attacked for a standpoint on an issue like this yet being told to accept their standpoint. I will delete any comments that I see as disrespecting (such as personally addressing me in the particular issue when I’m not the topic being discussed). Agree or don’t agree, it’s up to you! It doesn’t change the facts.

Til then. God bless!

– Carleigh


24 thoughts on “Target’s new commercial: Lesbians having a baby?

    • I would say I’m arachnophobic and not so much homophobic. 🙂 There’s nothing about gays to be scared of. The sexual lifestyle, however, is destructive. But I wouldn’t describe myself as ‘obsessive’ or ‘worried’ about homosexuals. Thanks for taking the time to read the post however!


      • Yes, I read it. I wrote it, of course. But it depends on what kind of tone a reader is taking it in with.
        There are benefits to being disciplined, which is pointed out. And, because I am Catholic, yes. I don’t agree with the video. This does not result me in a ‘panic’ though.


      • You see, it has.

        If you are lesbian, believing that you are because of that called by God to celibacy, then it is good for you to wrestle with this.

        However, if you are straight, pruriently imagining lesbians and pontificating disapprovingly, that is not Christian of you. We all have our crosses to bear. Do not make someone else’s heavier.

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      • No, even with those statements, it is still not relevant.
        What wouldn’t be Christian of me would be to sit back and approve of something unnatural to man and not say something about it. However the post isn’t about me or any one person in particular. It’s about people who practice a lifestyle that I don’t agree with.
        If you’re a true Christian you should already understand that a homosexual lifestyle isn’t approved of, but it’s not something that is considered a ‘heavier’ sin either.
        Here’s an article that may be helpful if you care to read it:

        The facts have been stated and whether you agree with it or not is up to you. But because you do or don’t agree with it does not make it less true.


  1. This saddens me. Not the video, of course, because kudos to Target. But because of you. As a homosexual woman it pains me to read this. Not because I don’t respect your views. They are yours and that’s fine. However it is people with your thinking that saddens me overall. So much hate and negativity about things you don’t know.


  2. I am a lesbian and have never had an STD, nor do I engage in random risky sexual relationships. And ya I’d argue that in my relationship sex is bonding emotionally And not just some random sex act to get off…..ya Two women Can’t procreate together but that doesnt mean a lesbian couple cant have children there is adoption and artificial insemination. Also same sex couples can hope that their children will learn from the non bio that they’ll learn to be compassionate or have a good sense of humor like them. Having children or raising children doesnt have to be rooted in biology otherwise straight couples would never adopt children. Since they did not procreate. Sorry but the reality is gay couples do exist and they do have children. Ive read things that it has been happening since the 80s where a couple adopts or uses artificial insemination to have a family. And before that there were individuals who were or felt forced into straight marriages and had kids. Personally thats my problem with the catholic church and conservatives, the refusal to acknowledge what is actually happening AND not having conversations with various lgbt people-single, celibate, committed relationship with kids and without kids, etc
    So yeah lesbians can have babies…

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    • I wouldn’t agree with that fact that the Catholic church doesn’t acknowledge what is happening. It doesn’t conform to what is happening. Because something is of popular opinion doesn’t make it right.
      Even artificial insemination takes an egg and a sperm, so there is to way for 2 women to possibly form a child. Raising one is a completely different story and topic, however.

      But yes, I do agree with you that gay couples do exist. There is no denying that at all! I would suggest that you roam around on to obtain full information on all these different topics because I’m sure you’ll be able to find all the answers you’ll ever desire!


      • Your a convert to the catholic church, I was born and baptized into. I went to catholic grade school, middle school, and highschool. (I even had nuns running my gradeschool)I may be non practicing but rest assure I know catholicism.
        And no the catholic church does not openly discuss lgbt issues or people with lgbt people so its not the same thing as resisting change. There is no actual dialogue occuring. The catholic church also preaches to be compassionate to lgbt people. Telling lgbt people they ALL have stds and are promiscuous is ridiculous. And insulting. you should really consider reading A queer calling, their unofficially an orthodox christian blog and are both celibate. (There is even a pretty good chance their catholic, they’ve yet to disclose this)
        Also judgement of lgbt people to a certain extent should be left to God…


      • I feel like if you’re a non-practicing catholic then you haven’t received fullness of the faith. If you knew Catholicism…then you wouldn’t want to stop knowing more and more. Just my own personal opinion.

        But yes, they do openly discuss this issue. What seems to happen is that the Church states it’s teachings and everyone who disagrees with it gets upsets because it contradicts what they want. Just like any other sin. The Church will teach the same things over and over… it just depends on whether that person will accept that teaching or not. There’s not really much to discuss about it because it is what it is. But you obviously can’t force people to change their minds.

        No, they don’t ALL have STD’s or are sexually active. And it’s never stated that I believe they do. But let’s be real; humans are sexually active and it’s engrained into our DNA. It’d be silly to think that they probably aren’t sexually active. Same goes for heterosexuals. It doesn’t mean that their sexual affairs is worst than fornication between a man and a woman. But if they don’t do that? Then awesome!

        Judgement of the soul is ultimately left to God, yes. Completely agree with that. Honestly, however, it’s apparent that there is a right and a wrong and as Christians we are also called to let others be aware of it. But because we’re are letting people be aware of it doesn’t mean that actual judgement is happening. People just tend to take it that way.


      • The church has teachings yes but how often do they look at their teachings, discuss the ones about sexuality with each other then open up the dialogue to lgbt people? When are they ACTUALLY listening to real lgbt from different paths of life? !? And not just keeping it a closed dialogue amongst themselves? (((You know a closed group exclusively of men and straight ones at that))) they don’t. The synod that is happening currently is making news BECAUSE their actually listening to people who ARENT church leaders their not the pope, or archbishops or priests. So yeah I would definetely say having closed discussion among clery is very unproductive. That would be like having all men discussing issues that affect women and what rights they should or should not have without ever speaking to women or hearing from women. Thats actually why womeb did not have the right to vote until the early 20th century. Women who were leaders who were actively working for women to have the right to vote were denied entrance to conventiona and dialogue about if women should be allowed to vote. Look up Elizabeth stanton cady if you don’t believe. The church should be a place where people ALL people should be welcome. Celibate lgbt should be represented when discussing sexuality, non celibates as well.
        And its equally silly for you to state its engrained in people to have sex but to say well lgbt people will ultimately always have sex.
        Do not suggest to me that I have not tried to explore or experience the church when its obvious to me that you have not tried to understand lgbt people and lgbt christians and OUR perspectives
        And yes constantly putting it out there that lgbt people/their relationships/and families are a joke and their so sinful etcetc goes beyond making people aware of it. I already knew that without this post, most people can search any number of sources and realize the catholic church is not accepting of lgbt people unless they do a, b, c and d.

        you really should not be writing about people you do not understand because learning about people from a secondary source just isn’t ok


      • I find it a lot of time LGBT people don’t want to discuss it with the Church because they don’t feel that they’ll be properly heard, or the conversation may not go their way, etc. It honestly just all depends on the person you’re talking to. The Church does welcome all people… but some just don’t feel it’s their place, which is completely understandable. I used to feel that way as well. Honestly it all just depends on the parish and they are definitely not all perfect at welcoming people in.

        And please don’t take my comment as if saying that I assumed you haven’t tried to explore or experience the Church. That wasn’t the point I was trying to make and I apologize if it came across that way. It’s just a generalization that I see when people who come and go from the Church. In that regards I would hope that you wouldn’t assume that I haven’t tried to understand LGBT people and their point of view either. But there is a different between understanding it and accepting it as truth. I can’t accept that ‘truth’ because it deeply contradicts my faith and I’m allowed to voice my opinions as to why… just like those on the opposite side are allowed to do the same.

        But your last statement? I would say the same to you as well. Neither of us should assume.


      • I just have zero idea as to what “truth” your saying is being promoted by lgbt people….I just don’t view being part of the lgbt community as 100% opposite of the church or any church. Just because there should be room in a place of god for anyone. Is the root of christianity truly about preaching sexual ethics over christ? Its kinda like how I always read articles about nuns or the current pope where most of the empathsis goes toward other people other things instead of semi politcial debates
        I can say that im more then fine with a church if there is an acknowledgement that I am gay and its unchangeable and perhaps not to force celibacy on me as an attempt to make me more presentable to the church and others in it. ((I feel like this is an easy way out, instead of accepting people as is and accepting the challenge to love them regardless)))
        I’ve considered going back to catholicism and I still am; but I’m not going to let others speak of me in terms of generalization and tell me because im gay then I’m this….. NOR would I turn around and try to force the church into marrying me or recognizing a state marriage.
        I’m not even sure as to what your understanding of lgbt people versus accepting it as the truth is.
        Maybe even a problem I see is hospitality. that at one church people might visibly be annoyed and angered at me being there with my fiance and holding hands while another church might not care at all. Ive read articles from christians who see the presence of gay couples at church as being offensive and as if all gay couples go to a specfic church just to piss off the congregation. And I’ve been to a catholic church where we left early because the people behind us made it known we were not welcome, maybe I would be welcome on my own ((super embarrassing because my fiance had never been to a catholic church previously.)))) So being an out couple can be a problem and so can “looking gay.” My fiancé isnt into having long hair or wearing dresses, people in public and in churches take this the wrong way and feel like they can say rude things to her.
        The church does not police straight people the way they do lgbt people. And the church is more accepting of pregnancy out of wedlock, premartial sex, and cohabitation then even discussing lgbt people and how can the church be more welcoming specifically to lgbt people. The room for lgbt people in the church Is limited, they dont want lgbt clergy, lgbt romantic relationships, lgbt families, lgbt leaders; just alot of no’s there needs to be more yes’ s. Merely framed in a more positive manner than your life cant be like this this or this.
        And if I were straight I probably would be alot more suspectible to knowing the “truth” as the church sees it but I don’t have that luxury


      • Last comment: its not assumptions I’m making. I’m pointing out how there is some lacking on your part of even understanding or knowing what being lgbt is like or how lgbt people are. Because you did go on a rant about how ridiculous that lesbian couple was and none of it was real or made any sense. I would have pointed out how you lack lgbt understading or apparent compassion( ya maybe the compassion part is an an assumption that seems implied for how you talk about lgbt people) if you were talking about any other group or if you had written a post about scientific research or historical information, BECAUSE if written like this blog post it would have been full of wold assumptions, an outsider’s perspective, and place of obvious little understanding.
        And yet again, no the church does not have conversations with lgbt people. They just dont. They rather rely on the opinions and beliefs of other straight men in the clergy (or closeted gay men)) when talking about gay people. The church supports linking being gay to pedophilia instead of admitting they have failed to get rid of grown men who abuse children. (And no linking homosexuality to pedophilia isnt a common thing in science or elsewhere. The church makes assumptions that lgbt people are always permiscious and std riddled and promotes that even if by using junk science. Brother james martin (jesuit) states in article what place do lgbt people have in the church? When the church tells lgbt no to so many vocations. The others who posted hear previously had a point, you make wild accusations about lgbt people and how they actually are, and then talk about how unnatural they are and wrong, and then say well my religion and religious beliefs protect from me from any criticism because im right and so is my church. Ignorance.
        And previously you had stated the church doesn’t even need to talk to lgbt people because nothing will ever change. Yep thats the way every major institution should be run. Even the constitution of america realizes there is a need for change and things will not always be the same.


      • What I stated about the lesbian couple being ridiculous was that they think that they’re child is going to be more like one mother than other, and this is flat out because of biology. Nothing to do with religion. It wouldn’t matter if I supported LGBT or not, there’s no way biologically two people of same sex can physically have a child. That’s where I was going with those statements.

        What is unnatural is the actions between them. I would suggest reading Theology of the Body by former Pope John Paul the 2nd. That’s where most of my viewpoints on the topic comes from. The action is always judged, not the person. But my religion is my viewpoint on it. People may analyze the viewpoint I, and other Catholics have, all they want but there is a right and a wrong. There are perfectly reasonable and valid reasons behind EVERYTHING the Catholic church does. The Church does nothing to just ‘be mean’ and ‘set rules’. When someone decides to take the time to really sit down and look it then they’ll understand because I used to not understand it either. I don’t expect people to do that. However, just because they don’t understand doesn’t mean it’ll stop me from stating my opinions. What ignorance is is arguing about something with little no knowledge about what kind of facts are being stated.
        Also, please don’t claim things that I didn’t say. Was what said is that the Church won’t change their standpoint on homosexuality. Conversations can be held, but the same ideal is going to be preached. Jesus Christ instituted the Church and I doubt they’ll change anything from basic teachings from the Bible. Luckily the Constitution is not the Bible.


  3. It doesn’t change the facts, you say, and indeed it does not. But, the facts are opposite to what you suppose.

    You use these words “natural”, “reasonable”, and “right” in precisely the opposite sense to their real meaning.

    What is “Natural”? What human beings have done together since the species evolved. Lesbian sex is quite natural.

    What is “reasonable”? That a man’s book, by a man who claims never to had sex, based upon an out of date interpretation of the Bible, should be able to prevent two women who love each other from marrying and bringing up a child together? No, that their God-given love should be expressed, Naturally.

    What is Right? That people seeing their love should delight in it. That the child should take after the women bringing it up, even if they are not biologically related. as adopted children do.

    Catholics may by all means adopt any number of silly rules about sex; but if they suggest that non-Catholics might abide by those rules, they should expect to be laughed at.


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